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Google Applications Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Answer all questions below on this electronic worksheet. Share this document with Mrs. Gray, so that she can evaluate your work.  See this Share tab in the right hand corner of this document.

Google Search

Use this Google Calculator Cheat Sheet  or this page .

Google Earth

Feel free to re-size pictures if needed.

  1. Fly to the most favorite place you have ever visited. Capture the image in Google Earth, insert it here, and label your image.
  2. Do the same for a place you would like to visit. Label it.
  3. Do the same for a place where your family is from.
  4. Fly to the latitude and longitude specified for your chosen capitol city in the Google Docs and Spreadsheets section of this assignment. Grab an image of this place, insert it here, and label it.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

IMPORTANT: Refer to this page for help.

  1. What's the definition of geocoding? (use Search for this)
  2. Join the group spreadsheet by giving Mrs. Gray the email address associated with your Google account.
  3. Use the Google Lookup formula =GoogleLookup("entity"; "attribute") to find out the following information for a country of your choice.
  4. Do not use the same country as another student.
  5. Find the following information USING THE GOOGLE LOOKUP FORMULA and enter it in the group spreadsheet:
    6.  Create a graph in Google Docs and Spreadsheets of all countries and their populations. Email it to Mrs. Gray at

Extra Credit

  1. Create another spreadsheet.
  2. Add Mrs. Gray as a collaborator.
  3. Use the GoogleLookup formula to find out the following information.
  4. You should include two columns in this spreadsheet. One should contain the data labels; the other should contain the formula and answer.
  5. Find out: